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Greg has always been a talented musician and composer who follows his own path. He has an excellent handle on atmospheric, dramatic, and suspense music as well as traditional melodic themes. He is always pushing the envelope with experimental ideas that others wish they had thought of with high cinematic appeal. His work is truly impressive and I have enjoyed knowing and working with him.
Mark Isham
The Cooler, Crash, Point Break, Short Cuts, A River Runs Through It

I’ve worked with Greg for more than ten years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He’s very fast, he gives you what you need, he’s a very creative musician, and he knows his stuff. I use him every chance I get!
Phil Lucas
Documentary Filmmaker
Phil Lucas Productions, Inc.

Greg has a great deal of range and ability – I like his music and Sound Design an awful lot.
Tom Dunlap
Executive Producer
Ridley Scott RSA Films
Los Angeles, CA

Greg is one of the fastest and most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, and his speed is never at the expense of the work or creativity. He delivers exactly what you need even when you can’t put into words what you want.
Anna Nicholas
“Big Bowling Ball” (Academy-Award nominated live action short)
“Famous Agoraphobic Woman Tells All” (2001 release)

Gregory did a fantastic job on the indie feature “Complicity.” His score is a marvel of spare and chilling sound.
Gregg Featherman
Editor/Entourage, Shameless

Greg Ives is a wonderfully inventive composer who is incredibly sensitive to matching music to film in order to bring out the emotional essence of a given scene or sequence of shots. His music is always original, and his range is amazing when it comes to composing the right type of music for any given situation. He is a joy to work with and to be around, even under the most difficult of circumstances. Greg is a composer whose star will rise high if given the right opportunities to showcase his talents. And you can quote me on this!!!
Fred Brown
Senior Vice President
Business And Legal Affairs
MGM Music Santa Monica CA

Greg’s work has a really driving force – I always see it being part of a really exciting picture.
Kim Drummond
Hancock / Seven Pounds / As Good as It Gets / Nacho Libre / Zombieland
Post-Production Sound Editor, ADR Supervisor
Disney, Paramount, and Sony Pictures

Greg is a great talent and those talents are all-inclusive. He will take a project from conception all the way through post – working with him is one-stop shopping! Most importantly, he does what he says he’s going to do and that’s worth a lot in Hollywood.
Kristine Harlan
Producer and Associated Producer
MGM Studios Projects: “Molly” Elizabeth Shue and “One Man’s Hero” Tom Berenger

Greg is an outstanding composer with a particularly distinctive choice of instrumentation that gives his music a remarkable flair.
Jef Loeb
Chairman and Creative Director
Katsin/Leob Advertising Agency
San Francisco